Running a ventrilo server on My Book Live?

Hi im trying to research if its possible to run a Ventrilo server (voice comms server) on my My Book Live 24/7 so I can leave it running and not have to have my PC switched on.

I know nothing about Linux / Unix but did manage to follow the “upgrade Twonky” thread ok hehe.

Basically, heres the only link I could google ref the matter…

Apparently Ventilo is  precompiled binary prob for i386 where we need an ARM version?  <— Unix Installation Guide

Heres another link for NSLU2-Linux install that fixes this??

Could any Tech Savvy bod please have a quick look at the links and let me know if this would work on a My Book Live?

Thanks in Advance

I will look into this when I get a chance

I had a little go at installing this today but think I need a startup script?

I copied extracted versions of the Ventrilo Server program (both windows and linux versions) to my WD public folder.

Using Putty I logged in an cd’d my way to each installation in turn and tried to run the ventrilo_srv file

-bash: ventrilo_srv: command not found

I have been examining the Twonky upgrade procedure trying to work out what_ _I need to do…

I think I need a startup script and then run…

chmod +x

Am I heading in the right direction? Im a complete noob at this sort of thing but enjoy the challenge hehe

Im now looking at the downloaded Twonky start script seeing if its an easy job to convert to vent server file names

Yeah I looked into it. The problem with Ventrilo is that

  1. No PPC binary is available

  2. It’s not open source so you can’t build a PPC binary from source

Forget about running it through QEMU as I don’t think the MBL hardware is powerful enough to emulate x86 code and then run Ventrilo on top of that plus all the other stuff  that needs the MBL processors attention

May be possible but I doubt it

I would look into mumble

I installed it and it runs quite well… Here is the quick and easy guide I made