Holy **bleep** this runs Debian?!? You guys rock

Just registered specially to say this.

Awesome work, anything I can enable SSH and apt-get stuff I want out of the box is just fantastic.

Expect lots more sales out of me (and I run an IT company…)

Yes it does runs on Debian Linux OS. :smiley:

Be careful what you apt-get!  The configuration of the software in MyBook Live is somewhat specific.  Someone tried to install Sqeeze and that action more or less trashed the OS on the MBL.  He managed to recover from this beause I sent him the entire content of /usr/local/sbin as 90% of the scripts vanished and then he managed to perform an official firmware update which brought it back to life.  The Web UI seems to be quite fragile at the moment.

Hey Myron, that brings up a question I had. I’m planning to install Logitech Media Server on my MBL, lots of folks have had success doing that. I’d like to back up the MBL OS first, but being a Linux noob I’m not sure how to do that. Is it enough to back up the contents of /usr/local/sbin? And I assume I can do that by using an FTP client and dragging the contents to the HD on a windows box?


You can copy the entire contents of the Linux OS partition using SFTP over SSH.  FileZilla can do Secure FTP.

I don’t know anything about the Logitech Media Server at this moment in time so can’t comment on it.  As long as the installation does not mess with any software libraries and configuration files that are important to the correct function of the MBL then I guess it’ll all work fine.

thanks Myron. I will be careful. I understand how it all works, being a Debian user for some 12+ years.

I immediately installed screen, rsync, and rdiff-backup and was happy as a pig in mud.

I’m sure I will try to something tricky that breaks it in future, but until then, whats not to like, Debian has a bazillion packages I could want. Only other thing I can think of is openvpn, and maybe shorewall and I’m sure that works fine.

Well…  I know rsync exists in the firmware that W.D. supply for the MBL.  OpenVPN is also installed as WD2Go uses it.  I believe OpenVPN is used as a client and not a server.

Now, if you know exactly how to set-up OpenVPN to act as a server fo Mac, Windows and Linux/Unix users can access their home networks and also be secure from hackers and post a guide . . . . . .  :laughing:

Sure. I can probably do better than that. I have a package that automates the whole thing. I can’t test it out until I am done with the current operation I am using my pair of WDlives for, but next week or so I should be able to give it a go.

Unless someone has a spare one I can test on. 

My package is called openvpn-server and it lets you setup OpenVPN as a server and deploys certificates etc.

Just realised my package ain’t for powerpc.

So instead of trying to cross compile something, I might just hack up an installer script. BRB weekend hacking project.

And here you go;


version 0.1 of course!