[@DEVS] MBL firmware upgrade (lenny to wheezy/jessie)


I’ve taken up this question with support and they told me to post me question here if I wanted to reach out to the developers. So here goes.

The firmware of the MyBook Live is currently based on Debian Lenny. This release has been succeeded by squeeze and wheezy and will son be by codename jessie.

I noticed that due to the fact that lenny is used, some packages are no longer updated. In turn, this results in older versions to be used, which contains security leaks. Obviously, older distros create problems when trying to install additional software to the MBL, but the main point is the risk of outdated software.

My question:

Is/are WD/the developers planning on releasing a firmware based on the latest Debian release?

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 It is difficult to know what future firmware updates will include since that information is not shared with the public

but you can share your suggestion in the ideas board.

 The development team will be aware of the most popular ideas