Ridiculously Slow Transfer Speed Between My Cloud & USB HDD?

Hi, I have attached a usb 3.0 external HDD to the back of the my cloud. I am attemting to transfer files from the my cloud to the usb HDD. I am transferring about 10GB of data and the speed averages about 3MB/s; NOWHERE near normal USB speeds.

Is this crazy low transfer speed normal and can it be fixed !!??

Also on a sidenote, when I remove the usb and replace it, it defaults back to a public share; losing the permissions I set-up. Is there a way to stop this ?


you must be on WiFi network to be getting that speed. for best performance you must be connected to wired gigabit ethernet directly or use a gigabit ethernet switch.

Have you looked at the User Manual, Connecting a USB Hard Drive?

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cat0w (USA)

Hi, yes I have…The USB HDD is connected directly to the My Cloud via USB…I am asking why files don’t transfer at normal USB 2.0 speed ?

If you look at the manual P106 all you will end up with is a network drive , if you want to transfer data to the external HDD connect it up as per p113.

You are not supposed to connect a external drive in the back of the MY Cloud that is used to back it up.

Alright, I assumed that copying data from a share on the My Cloud to the share that was automatically created by the USB HDD being plugged in, it would just copy over usb…Thanks

Is there anyway to retain user access permissions when disconnecting the USB HDD ?