Reversed Polarity, 1TD Elements drive not working in enclosure

Hi all,

I’m hoping you are able to assist.

I have a WD Elements 1T External Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 which I mislaid the power supply for.  As a workaround, I purchased a mult-adaptor from Amazon, and in my haste, I fooloshly reveresed the polarity and as such, the drive no longer works in the enclosure.

I have removed the drive from the case and can confirm that it works perfectly outside of the enclosure, however when used inside the enclosure, the white LED flashes once, goes off, and the drive doesn’t spin.

The problem is definately related to the small PCB between the drive and USB.  I’ve been reading through some of the posts, however I wasn’t able to find a solution.  The closest I could find was snipping D4, however I believe that this is on the HD board, and not the interface.

I can get around it by buying a standard enclosure, however I would rather keep it in the original, so I’m looking for a new interface card, or repairing the existing one.

Any help appreciated.



I’ve decided just to go for a replacement IDE/SATA case, that way I can use it to shift the data from all my other IDE drives on to something with a bit more capacity.

I was able to locate a replacement Oasis Desktop 1607P card, however at just under £40 a pop, it’s not very cost effective.

Thanks anyway,



Welcome to the WD Community.

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with the unit. Hope that the adapter works out for you and you are able to keep using the drive.