WD Elements 1TB

I left my 1TB WD Elements unused for a long time (i.e. 4 - 6 months).  Although it was originally formatted for Windows I reformatted it with my Mac running OSX 10.6.8 to became an external storage medium.

Today, with my great surprise and disappintment, I attempted to power it up, but it didn’t give any sign of life :mansad:

The lillte light on the back panel lights for a while and stops. I’m wondering if it’s just a matter of power adapter or anything else… I attempted also to change the power adapter with another one with the same specs, but the behaviour is the same,

I’m stuck…  Any advices? PLEASE HELP!!!

Try plugging the power adapter to another outlet, directly to the wall.  If the issue persists you may contact WD for a drive replacement.

I can’t imagine a powerstrip’s power output sagging that much, if anything else is plugged into it and working, so should the disk’s power adapter.

Keith and Vadir

thanks for rour reply. :smiley:

As usual in the computer environment, nothing is always given for sure…

So I hooked my WD Elements to the other power adaptor but the behaviour was always the same.

When I inserted the data cable, the led began blinking and the HD started working :mansurprised:

In other words, WD Elements perhaps due to a energy saving logical, don’t start working until they’re plugged into a USB Hub or port.

I’ve never been aware of this, because my WD Elements was always powered and hooked to aUSB Hub, thus I wasn’t able to see the blinking led during startup.

Yes. There is little reason to spin up a disk and keep it running when it is not connected to a system.