WD 250 Elements (old type) 3.5 external HDD fault

WD250 elements external HDD failure.
Faulty power PCB not supplying 12v or 5v to motor unit. Is it possible to obtain a replacement or is it possibly better and easier to put the Caviar drive in a SATA 3.5 caddy

Hello kopite301046,

Did you try using your Elements drive with another power adapter?

You can get a replacement within the warranty period of the device. Here, you can use the link below to check the warranty status of the device.

However, internal drives present in an external drive enclosure, are hardware encrypted with the enclosure and would not be used without it. You may try connecting it directly with the computer which may be asked to initialize the drive but this will void the warranty of drive.

WD Elements range have No Hardware Encryption. (My Book range Does.)

OP can safely remove his WD Elements 3.5" hard drive and put it in another enclosure to access all the data without any hardware encryption preventing access or Windows prompting to initialize the drive.

I have personally done this with several older WD Elements external hard drives (USB2.0) and put them in an Orico USB3.0 enclosure without any issues. (My reason for doing this was to increase the speed of data transfer utilizing USB3.0)

Hi thanks for your replies ,I did at first suspect the external dual power supply which I replaced but the fault lies within the internal PCB power supply as there is no 12v or 5v to the hard drive motor.I have since ordered a new enclosure to enable the data to be read