Reuse drives

I have an MyBookDuo (WDBLWE0060JCH-00) with two 3TB red drives (WD30EFRX) that has been running great for years.
I just ordered an My Cloud EX2 Ultra with no drives to function as a NAS and plan to transplant the MyBookDuo drives into it. I’m assuming that I’ll have to reformat the drives so I plan on backing up the MyBookDuo before hand. Am I missing anything?



Hello starkadhr,

After changing the NAS enclosure, internal drives will get erased. So it’s recommended to backup the important data at another location to prevent data loss issues.

Thank you asp73 for responding. I received the case yesterday and just in case backup up the contents to another drive. Beyond that the whole effort went perfectly. Drives reformatted and now working as a NAS.

@starkadhr any chance you still have the MyBookDuo (WDBLWE0060JCH-00) housing? I’m looking for one so I can recover data on drives that need this housing.