WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Absolute Luddite here, any technical language will literally go straight over my head.

I have to admit I’ve made an error buying a EX2 Ultra. What I was looking for was a centralised hardware solution where I could keep all my music files and access them across my devices. The setup process didn’t work for me at all, kept getting to login screens that wouldn’t work, looked nothing like the online manuals etc.

It also took a couple of DAYS to transfer mp3 files to the device. Many times half way through the copying failed and I’d have to start again (device is attached to router etc).

So. I’ve no real intention now to use the device as a ‘cloud’ device etc but I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if I can take the two drives out and use them as ‘pure’ independent hard drives only?
Disk 2 has NAS on it etc but can I reformat it etc.

Apologies for the really naive questions, I’m not technical and quite soon after my first attempt at setting this up I realized I was way out of my depth. After hours o we several days of trying to set up the thing I just stopped out of sheer frustration. Hadn’t touched the thing for over 18 months but then wondered if I could repurpose it for normal storage

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ccarry166,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Yes, you can do this (you’ll lose anything on the drives, though). Not sure why you can get the EX2 Ultra to do what you want - it should be able to do this.