Retrieving lost files from My Passport

I bought My Passport about 5 years ago, 1TB was sufficient for my needs. Now it has stopped working, it is not recognised on my system and is showing ‘empty’. How do I retrieve all those files (still within the 1TB capacity)? So many ohotos and documents that I stupidly did not back up as I thought I would never need to - that was the reason I bought the external hard drive in the first place! Is there a way to get my photos back without paying GBP1330 as was quoted to me by one company?


Check out the USB cable. Try a different one, Try on another computer. Mak sure you have power.

Thanks Clifford! I don’t think it’s either of those things as my son tried it on his computer and with a different USB cable. I am sure the data is in there somewhere but have no idea how to retrieve it!
Many thanks for answering the post.