Where is my data?

I have been backing up my laptop for years and I decided to factory reboot my computer.  When I tried to retrieve by data from My Passport the retrieval process went as expected until the end.  At the end there was a message that my files were not retrieved.  I tried this two more times with the same result.  When I tried for a fourth time My Passport was empty and it seems that I have lost my entire back up.  **bleep**?  Where is my data? Why did My Passport not work the first time I actually used it?

Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems accessing your files. Have you tried using another USB cable or connecting the Passport on another PC? If you are using USB extension cables or USB hubs it might cause power inconsistencies. 

No I have not.  I have not had time to go back to this.  I doubt that is the problem since all my data is still there from my other computer.  I am going to try some data recovery programs that WD suggested.