Restore backup

I have just reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop.

Then now once I have installed the WD Backup software I just wanted to restore my data saved on My Passport but the WD Backup software doesn’t show up any backup to be restored. How can I solve this problem?

The data is definitely still backup in My Passport as I can see it’s there but I don’t want to copy and pasty everything manually as it will get messy.

Please help
Thank you


Since it’s a newly installed OS, the WD Backup will not restore the data to the original location, so I would recommend you organize the data while manually copying and pasting from the drive to the PC.

Thank you for your reply,

However, if this is the way I have to do, I just really don’t undestand what’s the benefit to have a backup software if when you needed it you cannot use it!!

Also once my files are all in place I would like to just update my previous backup, but from what I hear I should just make a new backup right? This actually mean I should first delete my current backup as otherwise I don’t have enough space and then (hoping my hard drive won’t broke up in that while) do again a completely new backup!

Also how it is possible that my backup use almost all my 2TB drive when the data that I need to back up is probability only 500GB?

Thank you!

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