Resetting File Attributes on MyCloud

I have over 10000 mp3 files stored on my Cloud drive. Recently I purchased software, “TuneUp”, that will sort thru my collection and fix my files with the right tags, art, etc. The problem I am running into is the software cannot fix my files because all the files are read only. I try to copy these files over to a regular hard drive and change the file attributes, but once I change them in Windows explorer they immediately change back. How can I solve this problem?
Thank you

Are your files in a Public or Private share?
How does the TuneUp tool access the files? Using a file server, or the media server?
Have you mapped your media shares into windows file system?
Can you modify file tags using any other media tool?

I have 63k music files stored on MyCloud, and have no problem modifying tags. I used a mapped drive.

My files are on a private share, media serving is on, and yes I have it a mapped drive letter to the cloud drive. No I cannot modify the tags or anything because the files are all read-only. This is why the software can’t change the files. The software, TuneUp access my files either through Windows Media Player or iTunes.

One of the firmware upgrades did damage file permissions, but I thought that had been fixed…

Are you running the latest firmware?
Have you given full access to the share for for the User you used to map the drive?
Can you add, delete or modify files on the share using File Explorer?

Yes to all the above.

If you can add, delete and modify files using file explorer, then it’s NOT an issue with file permissions for the shares on the MyCloud.

So, my suspicion is that you are accessing the DLNA media server to get access to your media, father than a file server. DLNA will not allow you to modify file attributes. You need to connect your media tools to the file server on the MyCloud, not the media server. Then this TuneUp tool you’re trying to use will be allowed to modify the files.

OK, now I am totally confused. I am mapping to the IP address of the MYCloud Drive, is this not the media server? What do I need to look for on the setting on the WD Dashboard?

The media server runs on the MyCloud, so has the same IP address. But the media players can access either the media server or the file server. You need to find out which they are using. You don’t need to look on the Dashboard; you need to look at the PC end, which is where you are accessing the servers. You could try turning off the media server on the Dashboard: that will help you find out if you are accessing the file server or the media server…

One clue that you’re accessing a media server is that you will be presented with a number of different ‘views’ into the library: artist, album artist, genre, by folder, etc. Accessing via a file system will only show the physical file structure.

Since I’m trying to diagnose remotely, it’s possible that I’m confused, but if you can use file explorer (accessing the file server) to make changes to files withing your media folders, then file permissions aren’t the problem; it’s a problem with the way you’re getting TuneUp to access the files.

It doesn’t appear that the TuneUp software (I tried the trial version) can change files on the My Cloud. There is no Send To option (at least for me) within Windows Media Player when selecting media files on the My Cloud. While there IS a Send To option for media files for those files stored on my local hard drive.

The My Cloud:

The local computer (Windows 7):

What exactly are you using the TuneUp software for? What are you trying to change with the media files?

If you are trying to tag the media files with artwork and metadata, there are a variety of free media file taggers that will accomplish that task. One can use the free MediaMonkey program ( to change tags/metadata/artwork in media files stored on the My Cloud. Within the MediaMonkey program one can navigate to the My Cloud similarly to the way one navigates to the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer. If one is tagging MP3 files the free MP3Tag ( is a good simple program.

I’ve just looked at the TuneUp website. If you’ve paid $40 or $50 for the software, I’d be asking their support people why you can’t modify tracks on a NAS…

Much as I love MediaMonkey, even with various add-on, fixing metadata and album art is still a painful process. Unless I’ve missed a magic button…

I use auto-tag from web, AlbumArtTagger, BatchArtFinder, musicbrainztagger, but not found anything that is as good or easy as TuneUp claims to be

I don’t use either iTunes or WMP, so, unless there’s a standalone version, I won’t be able to try it.

Oh I absolutely agree that fixing metadata and album art is a hassle. Its why I try to do it when I rip or obtain the individual; album, audiobook, podcast, video file, etc. rather than try to tag an entire directories worth of albums.

It is not clear what the OP is trying or attempting to do with the TuneUp program. Or if there is a better software or method do accomplish what they are attempting to do. The TuneUp program integrates with either iTunes or Windows Media Player. And is reliant on those two programs and how those programs access the media stored on the My Cloud. It is not clear (unless I missed it) if the OP included the My Cloud in the Window Media Player Media Library. If they do then they will have to option to “Send To” the content from the My Cloud to the TuneUp program.