Repair of WD TV Live

I have numerous WD TV Live Streaming devices.  One, however, has failed upon reset to factory settings.  The unit previously wasn’t communicating with my other devices, and was declaring that it was running out of memory.  Upon pressing the factory reset:

-  Screen is now in black & white, not color.

-  Screen would scroll fast so picture was unreadable.

-  Upon stabilizing screen, the main device screen does not show, offering the various options.  It only displays the internet services that are available, and there’s no way to get off that screen.

Can anyone advise me where to send this unit for repair?

I’ve had to buy another (at a premium, due to this model being discontinued) so my wif’e’s TV in the living room has all the options (Pandora, personnal movies and most importantly - NETFLIX).

OK, I got off the phone with Western Digital this afternoon.  They DO NOT repair WD TV Live devices once their warranty expires.  I’ve spent a premium on buying a new replacement, as these units are increasing in their asking price due to their increasing scarcity.  WHICH BEGS THE QUESTION:  If WD won’t repair out of warranty devices, is there anyone out there who does?  The WD rep. stated that their contract with Netflix expired, which explains why their latest offering, “WD TV” (notice no “Live”) does not support Netflix.  Why in the world would a manufacturer of online streaming devices willfully ignore the largest entity in the streaming environment - Netflix?  Not everyone has converted to Smart TV’s, with Netflix embedded in them.

FIXED, with instructions from the RESET EVERYTHING post.  Now I’ll put this on a basement TV, leaving the new one on the living room TV so I don’t get woken up @ 2am because the TV’s not working.  RESET EVERYTHING saved me from pitching the device, and now saved some sleep.

I have this same problem! The main screen does not show, Any fixes, Please respond to :