Netflix Problem with WD Live Plus

  My situation: I purchased a NEW WD Live Plus (from now on I’ll just use WD+) a few months ago and it works great! I wanted another one for another TV so I bought a factory refurbished WD+…(I have no probs with refurbs as long as their factory sealed)…it worked great up until I played a netflix movie. All looked normal…it loaded the movie…(data scroll bar moved all the way to the right (as normal))…but the movie didn’t start. After a minute or so of waiting it says something like “This item cannot be played at this time. Please select another title or try again later”… I went to my original WD+ and it played fine! So after a buncha phone time WD blaming Netflix/Netflix blaming WD…blah blah…WD agreed to send me a new refurb. The next one didn’t get past the WD logo and locked up…so one the phone again…WD sent another WD+ refurb and it has the same Netflix issue as the 1st refurb I ordered…(UGH!!!). In the meantime I ordered a refurb for my friend and everything worked great! So I have 2 WD+ being returned and one that doesn’t play anything from NETFLIX…I can swap out the non-working WD+ to the same spot as the working WD+ (same network cable, hdmi,rgb and power supply)…and NETFLIX doesnt play…this has to be a hardware issue as I have the same exact firmware on both devices…HELP WD…there is an obvious problem and I have 2 of them (somebody has got to be having this problem also)…any help would be great!

                                                                                                                  Thanks…Netflix-less in Illinois

(PS…I haven’t called in the latest one yet)


Two WD with the same situation and to add to this, if you use the other WD TV it work, same cable, same connection…I really doubt this is an issue with Netflix.

I agree…WD should be addressing this issue…

_ **Problem Solved**   _

     I would like to send KUDOS to Western Digital level 2 support (Jay) who worked with me on this issue, troubleshooting the device and ultimately sending out a replacement that fixed the issue! (So it was a hardware related problem). The best thing is that Western Digital took the initiative to call ME after reading this post!! They had a new WD Live Plus sent out the same day as well as a return UPS label !! Rarely, these days, do you find a company that goes above and beyond to support their customers and actually address and fix problems. I would definately buy more products from Western Digital in the future. Once again, thanks for the great support !!!

                                                                                        S Nelson

                                                                                        Rockford, IL

I guess you are very lucky. I had exact same isuue, I bought two WD Live Plus almost 8 months ago. Both were working fine with Netflix. Last month, one stoppd connecting to Netflix but rest of the apps worked fine. So, I contacted WD Support. They asked me to downgrade the frmware, which I did, but did not fix the issue. Now they say, this is out of warranty and they can not fix this. So, I gave up and started using my 2nd device. It worked for a day until my wife did the firmware upgrade on my 2nd device. It stopped working with Netflix again. I tried everything possible - downgrading to different versions, factory reset, deactivating from Netflix…No Luck…I have two of these devices that does not work…WD support asked me to send a receipt of purchase…and I can’t find them anymore…It’s a bad luck…and ofcurse Very Poor service from a company like Western Digital…

update on 1/2 : Now this issue went to WD Level-2 support and they are awesome. They followed up this issue and finally they are replacing both of my devices with free shipping. Thanks to Micheal and the other person I talked to him, yesterday. You guys are great. WD has rasied the bar on Customer Service Satisfaction chart… Keep it up… You deserve Five STAR …:slight_smile:

The only difference between our situation was the both of my devices were refurbished and Netflix NEVER worked on either box. The replacement provided by WD is still going strong. That **bleep** that yours failed after they were working…I have another one I bought from Amazon (New) over a year ago that I haven’t had any problems with at all.

Well it seems I’m not the only one with this issue.  Mine just started two days ago.  Netflix was working fine and then poof! it no longer works.  Sounds like I’m going to need to call WD Support and possibly struggle with them to get this fixed.  *sigh* 

  Eric Sten


I may be in for some luck… I just checked and my device is still under warranty!  WOOO!

Hey…Did you by a refurbished or new device? I had problems with 2 refurbs…The one I bought new over a year ago is still working. The 2 “new” refurbs worked great on everything…But when it loaded a netflix title, the red progress bar would work its way to the right and looked like it was 100%…It would sit there doing nothing for 30 seconds or so…Then it gave the “title not available…Please select another title” error…These were 2 right off the WD refurb line sealed by WD. I wonder what component is failing to cause this problem…Netflix changed a lot of stuff lately…But…why don’t ALL of them fail? I’d be willing to bet that the folks at WD who receive the broken ones, tested the devices and said “This one isn’t broken!” and shipped them out as refurbished models. I highly doubt a multi-billion dollar company would shell out $7.99 a month for the Refurb Department’s ACTUAL REAL WORLD NETFLIX subscription. That the only thing they couldn’t test !!! Oh, well…After all these failures I hope they are at least working with NETFLIX and vice-versa, instead of passing the buck between them. WD replaced mine and I am happy…I hope they will continue to developed these type of devices…But I think the competitors are driving them out of the market. Oh, well.

Have a great one!  :smiley: