Rename Volume/Drive name for backed up drives in SmartWare folder

Is there a way or a proper way that WD allows you to renmae drives that you have backed up through SmartWare.  Right now for example one of my drives is named as “Volume.3fc0049f.88cd.11e3.a39d.0026181dac1c” within the SmartWare folder on MyCloud. I’m aware that right through windows explorer I can right-click and rename, but I’m guessing that the SmartWare software needs to “see” this folder with the original folder name.  Is there an option to rename the folder within any of the Mycloud programs or apps?

You cannot customize this. The smartware storage/share is not really intended to allow access to the backed up files directly. The good thing about Smartware is that it stores files “flat”, without a container, so it allows retrieving the files easily when needed.

If you want to share files that are on your computer with others through the NAS share, you should consider some sync software, or store the files on the NAS and use Windows offline folders to sync them locally on the computer (Win 7 or Win 8)