Would like to change some names on my WDMycloud

I’d like to change the name  that shows up as the drive name from WDMyCloud to something else, and I’d like to delete the shares/folders called Smart Ware and Time Machine Backup. I don’t see any way to do this.

I really was hoping this would just show up as a drive letter and I could use it as just another hard drive only NAS. Can this be done?  I’ve seen other reviews where they say just ignore the WD software, but not sure I could do that. Has anybody else done that?

Share names cannot be changed.

Changing the device name is easy.

It’s under Settings / General / Device Name

You have to map shares to drive letters – it’s not done automatically.

I’ve never installed the WD software.

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Hello, I made similar changes to my MyCloud, and yes it can all be done.  I have not installed any of the WD software on my PC.

Renaming your decive:

  • It appears TonyPh12345 has already answered this.  Let us know if you still are having problems renaming your device.

Deleting factory shares:

  • Log into the web interface (Dashboard)

  • Click Shares

  • Click on the share you want to delete (ie: Smart Ware) and wait a few seconds.

  • There are two folder icons under the list of shares, one with a minus (-) sign, one with a plus (+) sign.

  • The folder (-) icon is the Delete Share button.  It should enable after a few seconds.  Click it and you’ve deleted the shares.

~ I deleted all factory installed shares except for Public.  I tried to rename Public, but that was not allowed. I did not try to delete the Public share, so I can’t comment as to whether or not that is allowed. ~

Show up as a drive letter:

  • This is entirely possibly, but doesn’t happen automatically.  You have to map a network drive, and it won’t map to the MyCloud itself, but to a Share on the MyCloud.  So if you have multiple Shares, you would have to map a drive for each share.

  • There are two ways to do this.  One is using the WD Quick View application.  I won’t go into this option, because it is already documented in the user manual (pg. 36).  The other is to manually map a network drive.  This is what I will explain. (** The following assumes you are mapping to a public share.  If you need to map to a private share, read my note at the end of this post first.**)

  • First, you need to know the Device Name or IP address of your device.  If you use DHCP and your IP address could change, then you’ll want to use the Device Name.  If you have set a static IP (or assigned a reserved IP through DHCP) and your IP address doesn’t change, then it’s safe to use the IP address.  To find your IP address, in the Dashboard click Settings, then Network, and the IP Address is listed.

  • I will assume you are going to use the Device Name (and since you’re wanting to change your device’s name, let’s say you renamed it to “MYNAS”, for example).

  • First, before attempting to map a drive, let’s verify connectivity and that you are typing your name correctly. 

  • Open windows explorer (press Window Key and E at the same time).  In the address bar at the very top, type “\MYNAS\Public” (without the quotes) and press enter.  You should see it open to the default Public folder, and see some folders like Shared Music, etc.  If this did not work, stop here and post back what happened.

  • Assuming the above worked, you are now ready to map a network drive.

  • In the Windows Explorer window you already have open, in the left pan scroll down until you see “Computer”.  Right click “Computer”, and then select “Map Network Drive”.

  • You should see a popup.  First, select a drive letter.  This can be any letter you want (ie: N).

  • Next, in the Folder: field, type “\MYNAS\Public” (without the quotes).

  • Check the box that says “Reconnect at logon”

  • Click Finish.

  • You should now have a network drive (N) listed under “Computer”, that points to the Public folder.

*** The above assumed you are mapping to a public share (ie: Public or any other share you’ve created that is public).  VERY IMPORTANT:  If you have a non-public share, you can still map a drive to it.  However, you MUST map any private shares BEFORE mapping public shares.

  • If, like me, you already mapped a public share, and then want to map a private share, you will need to disconnect all public shares, then close all browser windows, clear your browser history, and then reboot your computer.

  • To disconnect a network share, in Windows Explorer right click the drive letter under “Computer” (for example, yours would say “Public (\MYNAS) N:”), and choose disconnect.

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