Naming/Re-naming folder names for backed up files

I’ve backed up several directories on my desktop computer, but the directory tree created for the backed-up files is pretty unfriendly.  One of the directory names in which my backed up files were placed is called: Volume.8f7a1312.b08e.11e4.8392.806e6f6e6963

This is far from helpful If I want to quickly access backed up files.

I haven’t been able to find any information or guides on how to create specific names for backed up directories, or how to change them after the fact so that the continuous back ups will perform uninterrupted.

Any help with this greatly appreciated!

What tool did you use to do the backup?

What is your ‘desktop computer’: a PC or a Mac?

Those directory names look like they’re not intended to be human readable, but only recoverable by some tool.

Ooops… sorry for omitting this important information!

I am using WD Smartware Pro on a PC/Windows 7

I’m glad I"m not the only who who thinks these directory names look like gibberish! :slight_smile:

If it helps, here is the directory tree…

MyCloud_Directory Tree.jpg

Yes, in that case, they really aren’t intended to be human-readable. They’re backup images, and may only be using file deltas for space efficiency.

Just use your primary files, and trust that the backup is doing its job… You could try restoring just to check…

Or replace SmartWare with a genuine mirroring tool, such as Microsoft’s SyncToy. Or just use xcopy…