Removing drive from Easystore to use it as internal


Is the warranty of an 8TB drive (WD80EFAX) void if i remove the drive from an Easystore 8TB enclosure for using it as internal?
I’m not sure about this as i read that can void it, but i know that consumer protection laws prevent warranty voids if you take apart your products.

Thanks in advance

The Easystore drive has no field serviceable parts, which means opening it to just use the drive would void the warranty. If you needed to remove the drive for data recovery purposes, that is different and would not void the warranty. For our multi bay drives that can be opened to allow for drive replacement, that would not void the warranty.

Hi Timothy thanks for your answer. If i use the disk inside the enclousure and the disk fails within the warranty period, can I take the disk out for recovery first and then send only the HDD to WD without the enclousure to use the warranty? Or I need to send it with the enclosure? Because if i don’t take it out, how do i know if the disk is failing or is the enclousure?

Thanks in advance

If you have any trouble or disk failure, contact WD Support so that they can document the issue and notate the removal of the drive for data recovery. Once data has been recovered you can then contact WD and return the drive and enclosure for replacement. Annotation of the data recovery will prevent a CRI or Customer Return Incident where the RMA can be refused because of tampering with the drive enclosure.