WD won't honor warranty because i removed the internal drive (faulty) and threw away the casing

someone, anyone … WD drives have let me down too often. 

not being able to replace this 3TB drive is upsetting because i need the storage, have no job and can’t afford to buy a new one.

THE STORY > I ended up with so many external USB drives, i removed them all and put them into servers.

WD30EZRX went very faulty after 1500 hours.

WD won’t honour warranty because i threw away the casing and electronics.

not fair - can i fight this ? if so, how ?

the drive is rubbish and WD won’t replace because i removed it from the casing. So what ? it’s still [Deleted] equipment that i paid good money for.

WD get fat with NOTHING to be proud of here and typical, the little guy (me) gets screwed. [Deleted]

Never again will i buy WD storage … and one day, that’s gonna bite their arse.

i crerated a technical support issue.

the product ? my drive

the issue ? my loss and the unfairness, as i see it.

If you read the warranty it says it is void if you open the drive without permission. I doubt you will get any place since you voided the warranty.