Remove the "My Cloud Home Duo" desktop icon

How to remove the “My Cloud Home Duo” desktop icon? (without unmounting the volume)
I’ve tried everything without success… See top right:

Thanks in advance!

setup your mycloud home on local network for ‘Local access’ WD instructions here - (there delete the wdDiscovery app, its being discontinued in next 6 months anyway for just the local access on Mac and pc)

I don’t exactly understand. How does this remove the desktop icon (see my screenshot)?


That mycloud home drive icon is a link added by wdDiscovery app (used to be the only way to connect to the drive on a Mac/Pc computer).

But wd have now enabled ‘Local’ drive over network (like a traditional nas).

Deleting the wdDiscovery app or closing it and the drive will likely disappear until you open the app again (‘wd discovery’ app is shown at top right hand side of screen/icons).

New method is to connect to drive through ‘connect to server’ in finder and look for mycloud (but you may have to find the drive address first eg 192.168.x.x and setup up local access with new username and password)

Thank you.

How to do this if the IP changes from time to time (not static IP) ?
Is there a reliable long-term solution without using the “My Cloud Home Duo” desktop app?

fix/static IP address settings in your router (for your myCloud Home drive!! I dont think this is that important - just find the drives IP address, login in web browser (on same network) to setup Local username and password)

It is not always possible for some home ISP (who choose to change the public IP of the home internet connection every few weeks).

Then, am I correct that with the New method is to connect to drive through ‘connect to server’ in finder solution, it won’t work on the long term if the ISP chooses to change my IP one day?