Remote is missing- how to replace?

Any ideas what to do? My dog ate my media player remote already years ago but I’ve used the wd remote app for moving around.
There was some pause using my wd media player and today trying it again- the remote app did not connect the device.
Closer look relieved that the app is not exising in app store any more- not possible to do any updates.
So- i can see from my TV screen that the menu is there- but no idea how to navigate…

Any ideas?
Is there a new app or possible to order a new remote? Or any other ideas?

Oh- and only thinf i’m interest in doing is to get my Files imported

This is the app i used
before- but looks like it’s outdated

Plenty of remote controls on Ebay will work with WD TV Media Players … even the small original remote which is less than $10.

The small original WD TV Remote will do all the basic functions and will work on all WD TV devices … from the original in 2009 to last one made in 2014.