Remote backup

Before I purchased My Book Live I called WD Technical Support to be sure this time I purchased a product that would do the job. I purchased My Book Live but now I am told that I cannot do remote backup with that product and that I need My Book World Edition White Light.  This is very frustrating and I wonder if I can use the Anywhere Backup software with My Book Live.  Other wise I need to drive 2 hrs each way to return the drive to Best Buy and puchase a more expensive drive.  All I want to do is backup a computer to an offsite network drive.  Thanks

Although your explaining of the problem is not easy to understand I don’t see any difference in using MB World Edition or MB Live as they both are basically small computers that can be configured to do what you want. I personally prefer MB Live because it finally is capable of reaching higher file transfer speeds (compared to MB World drives that were advertised as gigabit ethernet capable but due to slow processor speeds were actually slower than even fast ethernet could have provided).

What do you mean by doing remote backup to an offsite network drive? If I get this right you want to back up some computer’s data over the internet to another place where your MB Live is? If it is so then all you need to do is make your MB Live (or whatever other computer) visible and connectable from internet (ie. open ports, also a dedicated ip is recommended) and the easiest way to upload data there is over ftp protocol. I am not familiar with the remote software you mentioned, but they usually support ftp protocol as well.