Help with backing up to my book live

Hi There,

I just purchased a MBL 2tb today and plugged it into my router.  All was fantastic, I can drag and drop files manually and access them from all computers including my iphone and ipad. 

However the back up facility just doesnt want to work.  I have spent hours on it today and even spoken to WD support who suggested reinstalling the software.  Still no joy.

I purchased this as I want my work updated in real time as documents are saved to a specific folder on my desktop.  It is too time consuming to keep saving in both places at once.

I also have an old WD 250 gb and have tried to use it this evening with the WD software.  This syncs fine.  To say I am miffed is an understatement.  I have also managed to get my USB 250gb to be shared via my router but the WD software wont find it to enable automatic back ups. 

So the only think I can think of is to connect the hard drives to my main PC and set up a workgroup so the other PC’s can access the files.  Pretty pointless as the main one always has to be on.

What else can I try, I am going nuts here.

Many Thanks


So are you backing up by going to your dashboard, then safepoints, create, then discover?  I can find my network attached (via router) portable hard drive that way and can automatically backup.

I think one safepoint can only be backed up a maximum of once daily (though don’t quote me).  But I would think that you could create maybe 3 different safepoints and save them on the network attached hard drives, updated at different times of the day.

If you need instantaneous backup, I think you can do it automatically with rsync.  But I don’t know how to do that and I highly doubt it’s easy.  If you want instructions on rysnc, do a search on this board for backup rsync and maybe there’s a post here that will help you out.