How to nightly sync & back up my WD My Book Live to a PC?

I purchased a 2 tb My Book Live and have it plugged in to my router and I am able to access the drive anywhere on my network, it is GREAT.  I nolonger have media on my PC or Mac, it is 100% on the My Book Live.  

What is a good Western Digital or 3rd party program that nightly SYNC’s media from my WD My Book Live to my Mac or PC so I have the files backed up?  Reverse how I used to use an external drive, here my media is on the WD 2tb, but I’d like to back it up at times to the computers, how best can that be done? 

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You can use the safepoint feature. Check the link below for the steps. Check page 85 of the manual.

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There are plenty of free software out there for backups/syncs. Most programs you can specify the direction, in this case, from the MBL to the PC/Mac.

Also, you can write your own script and schedule a time to run it. For Win use robocopy, for Mac use sync/rsync.

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