Remote Backup using MyCloud?

Can a remote backup of data (data at home PC, backup drive elsewhere) be made to regular (not mirror or EX) product? If so, can someone please point me to a resource? THank you

Yes, look at SOS On-Line Backup. It will backup a mapped drive on windows or mounted smb on Mac.

You can also look at synctoys 2.1 from Microsoft. It will also backup to a mapped drive.


Wont any backup tool (including WDs) work if the drive is mapped? how do I mapped to a remote drive?

Open windows file explorer. Click on this this PC. Then click on map a network drive. Then browse for your My Cloud.


it wont be there if its remote

One option while not optimal is to use the WD Sync program which will sync folders from a local PC to the remote My Cloud.

Before WD removed the remote drive mapping option in it would have been possible to use a remotely mapped drive as a backup location with any backup program that supports backing up to mapped drives. Others are voicing their displeasure at loosing that very important feature with the OS 3/ update at this link: Re-Enable Remote Drive Mapping Through

There may be ways via SSH to send content to the My Cloud remotely but it involves port forwarding through the firewall on the broadband router/gateway that the My Cloud is connected too. Others who are more knowledgeable about SSH can opine about the various potential ways to do so through SSH.

I am doing this with ssh/rsync/cron in a bash script I wrote. Not sure I recommend this unless you are used to working on the nuts and bolts level.