Back up devices to a remote My Cloud

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does anybody know whether and how I can backup my laptop and portable HDs and devices to a My Cloud running in another country?
My iphone and ipad already backup automatically all photos via the My Cloud app but this is not the case for my other HD drives.

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You will either need to use a third party solution that can back up via FTP (and enable FTP within the My Cloud). Note FTP is NOT secure. Or it may be possible to use WD Sync to back up folders/files remotely. The included WD Smartware backup software doesn’t allow for remote backup.

Or one can use SSH to modify their My Cloud’s firmware to allow for remote access via other non official methods like SFTP, WebDAV, etc.

Do a search of this forum and you’ll find various other unofficial ways people are attempting to backup remotely to the My Cloud.

WD removed the capability to remotely map the My Cloud, you can voice your opinions of that decision in the following thread.