RED Light LED - 3TB My Book Live


A couple of days ago i noticed my 3tb my book live (which contains my life on it) had a red light on it. 

My 2nd 3tb which is full of other things is fine though.  They were side by side but that one still has a green light…

Both drives are less than a year old

I have opened up both NAS boxes (a little tricky but i managed it) to switch the green board but the boards both seem ok… I have tried both boards on the good drive and the drive powered up fine… I tried both boards on the drive with the red LED and neither worked.

I took off the Network part of drive and plugged my 3tb drive into PC… The drive seems to power up but goes dead inside 20 seconds or so… The PC’s encryption software sees the HDD but then nothing appears in Manage or My Computer…

I need to be able to get the content off the Hard Drive… Please say i have options here… I will pay if needs be.


 Give Thanks to Nfodiz!

“DEBRICK GUIDES”, there are two, one to attempt to  recover data, another one,  V2, for just restoring MBL.

I am just wondering, i may have to accept that my 3TB is never going to return…

A lot of work ahead.

Next query… If i have a spare 2.0TB WD HDD lying around that was never part of a NAS, would i be able to replace my broken 3TB NAS drive with a 2TB HDD.

How will i be able to log in to the dashboard with the new drive… Is their software to put on the drive?

Please Help

same response applies, those guides are either for recover the current HD or to replace it

The same just happened to me (after a so good service of 16 months).

Try this: go to setup (in the given CD) then, search for it, if found (status BAD) go to utility, then try to reset to factory default. You will not be able to recover data (I did try), but at least you can use it again.

Anyone, can suggest why this has happened to me. I notivce this happened after I upgraded the firmware (possibly, if it is true - what a nuisance).  Please give me hints … I do not want something like this happens to me again.

Otherwise WD Mybook Live really ROCKS ! - it is cheap and reliable (I hope). Better if it can be connected to wifi dongle or has wifi and fixed LAN on it already

Thanking you in advance - best regards, Ben