Recylce Bin. Where is it?

Hello I delete some files from my MYcloudEx2Ultra , my recycle bin option is activated to keep the files 365 days and the option to see the bin is activated, but where is the bin, how can i recover the files?

I search tons of post and i found this solution but it is not working to me, no idea how to preced. I am using windows 10 by the way

Followed these steps to configure Recycle Bin:

Web browser: Log into control panel via dashboard

Shares: Pick a share to add a Recycle Bin to:
Under Share Profile: Active share: Recycle Bin ON.
( i.e go into Shares and select Public and turn ON Recycle Bin)

Now under your Network Places the Recycle Bin should show up. (e.g. in Windows File Explorer/Network)

_However, deleted files were not going to the Recycle Bin. _

_I rebooted the NAS and now deleted files show up in the Recycle Bin. _

I hope this helps someone else. I could not find an answer anywhere so had to invent my own

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maping the drive I solved the problem.

Didn’t work for me. I have the mycloudex2ultra. The recycle bin is turned on, all shared folders. I maped too it, but it gives me an error saying i dont have permissions to view it. I rebooted everything. I have a problem ticket with WD but still no answer. Any clues?

How could you map ? where is recycle bin !