Recover data from NAS my cloud

My data is deleted from my cloud 3TB by mistake and now I need them back.

1.I tried NAS data recovery tools. Did not work because couldn’t find the drive.

2.I removed the hdd from the case and connected to my laptop running ubuntu 16.04 using SATA to usb convertor. The linux ubuntu couldn’t find the drive again.

Any other suggestions?

Is this a gen1 mycloud, or a gen2 mycloud?

It is gen 2

I threw together a build of Testdisk for Gen2 hardware over a year ago. You can find it, and some other recovery software you can run on the unit in this thread.

Key take-aways:

Power off the unit and keep it powered off until you are ready to do the recovery. The longer you let it run, the greater the liklihood that your deleted data will get overwritten by system processes writing to the disk.

Removing the disk from the shell and hooking it to a computer for recovery is the most likely to get good results, but if you cannot do that, you can run the software we built from sources (and put in that thread) on the unit itself over ssh and do it that way.

Data recovery is not a guarantee; Any data you do succeed in getting back is something to be thankful for, but this is very hit and miss. Some software does better than others, which is why many programs were mentioned in that thread, and then posted about. Use whichever one works best for you and your needs.

If you need help, feel free to ask.