Recover data from a Nasware 3.0 drive

I have a 2 Tb WD Red drive that was in a My Cloud enclosure. The network port on the enclosure became unusable. I pulled the drive out of the enclosure and need to recover the data off it. What is the best way to recover this data? Thanks in advance.

You have in your hands a Linux hard drive. Get an app for your OS that will allow you to see Linux partitions.

The OS on mycloud I believe is Debian Wheezy.

FYI. just about all NAS devices are some light flavor of Linux.

Mount the fourth partition. It contains the data files.


The easiest solution, if using a Windows PC, is to download a Linux boot disc and burn it to a CD/DVD or USB drive then boot the computer, with the my cloud drive attached via internal SATA port or via external SATA drive enclosure/docking station, with that boot disc. From there you can access the data and copy it to another drive. Ubuntu is one such Linux distro one can burn to a disc and boot their PC with.