Rebuilding Process Takes Ages to Finish


One of the drives has failed and the rebuilding process started last Wednesday. Today is Sunday and it isn’t finished. What’s the deal here? … I opened a ticket in Wednesday and again today is Sunday and haven’t heard from WD.


Please help

Hi, what is the size of the drive? Did you change the drive that failed for a good drive? Have you tried to access the drive or ping the last known IP?

This is a WD Sentinel RX4100 3TB * 4 drives of total 12TB configured as RAID 5. No I haven’t changed the drive yet. I assume that the server will function with just 3 drives after the rebuild due to the fact that parity bit is distributed across functional drives. What IP did you mean? … The server responds to echoes just fine.

The rebuild is 42% since last Wednesday.


If a drive fails it will say degraded. When it sees another drive back it will start rebuilding. It may take 6 days to rebuild in the background. It should still function, just be terribly slow