WD Sentinel RX4100 Slow Backup Issue


Couple weeks ago, I’ve received a notification sent to my email from our Sentinel stated that a drive is about to fail. Since then, backup jobs are unacceptably slow and always finish with either Unsuccessful or Incomplete state. It supposed to perform a daily incremental backups, but the time it takes makes me feel it performs full backups.

I have no clue if the drive is about to fail thing is related to this issue, but I see no issues in OS or Data partitions. However, I noticed that OS partition is pretty filling up so quickly. I extended it to 250GB (I mean I gave it 250GB of free space), and after a month, It ends up with ONLY 64GB free space.

What’s going on with the appliance? I used to love it.

WD! Please help.

One more thing to add, RAM usage is up to 2.80 GB out of 4 GB. This also affects, not only the backups, but the entire dashboard and Windows in general. Checked the processes in use, I found nothing beyond normal.

WD does not offer help in these forums. These are just peer to peer discussions. You need to contact them for support

You can use a program like WINDIRSTAT to see what is using the space. Curious how you expanded the C: though

If you view properties of a client it should say why the backups were incomplete. Many times a client needs to run chkdsk. You might also consider running the client backup database repair tool from the dashboard.

What does the dashboard monitor say about your raid? Is it rebuilding? What is the deal with the bad drive?

EaseUS Partition Master was used for C: expansion.The “View Details” in client’s properties doesn’t give a clue, it states “An unknown error prevented backup from completing successfully”. I will give the chkdsk a try but I don’t think its something related to client machines because it happens to 15 machines. It is not practical to run the command on each one of them.

Ok, I will get in touch with support team.

Thank you so much for your help. :slightly_smiling:

Ah, dashboard monitor says “Caution: Imminent failure detected. Please replace this hard drive immediately”. RAID type 5. I am not storage geek but shouldn’t RAID 5 provide redundancy with parity bit across other drives?

Status says “Rebuilding”. You think this slows down the performance?

yes rebuilding kills performance. I think you need to get that sorted, then look at if the backups are still an issue. It will normally suggest chkdsk in the details if that is the issue.

Okay Gramps, I opened a case with WD support but until they respond I wanna ask you this.

How do I prevent the backup schedule from running on client machines until this rebuild stuff ends? … It seems not logic to backup client while its rebuilding. I want to give it time to finish. It rebuilds real slow.

Thank you once again.

I think if you open services.msc on the server and stop the windows server backup service should do it. I would think you would get an alert it is stopped and the dashboard computers tab will be different also.

The other way would be to right click each pc and disable the backup

Disabling each machine manually worked for me. Service could not be stopped because I guess the rebuilding process needs the service running. Anyways, I strongly feel that once the process finishes, performance and backup jobs will act just fine.

Thanks man for your timely response. :slightly_smiling:

You are welcome. Let us know how it all works out.


Hey, just to update you. I am still facing issue with this rebuilding thing. Posted a new thread, follow it:

I go too fast and did not associate these two threads :slight_smile: