Rebuild Raid 1 instead of Raid 0 on EX2 Ultra


I replaced the second drive on my My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS because it was degraded.
Wen I started rebuilding RAID0 manually, it started rebuilding RAID1 instead of 0, although I haven’t selected RAID1 (was originally RAID0). I have more than 3 TB on my 6 TB disk 1.
Is it save to interrupt rebuilding RAID1? Or should I wait, expecting a “Not enough space” message or something like that, changing back to RAID0 after rebuilding?

Thnx in advance

RAID0 cannot be rebuilt, because RAID0 has no redundance.
Data on a RAID0 is destroyed at least partially as soon as one disk fails.
Therefore you probably interpreted the messsages of your EX2 wrongly: you are not rebuilding a RAID0 but building a RAID1 from scratch. I.e. in addition to the data already lost because of one disk failing, that data is lost, that is overridden by building a new RAID1.
Therefore it is not clear what you mean by “save” in your question.
Prepare to restore your RAID0 from your backups.

You are right. The NAS used Raid1. I took a copy of the disk via USB, and let it rebuild. It took some time, but everything was ok afterwards. Problem solved. Thnx for the assistance!
I have one other issue though, since my second drive is degraded too. :frowning: But I know what to do now :roll_eyes: