Read speed is 1 MB/s on WD My Book 4TB


my read speed on my HHD is 1 MB why?

my story started after i couldn’t copy some files from my WD My Book 4TB WDBFJK0040HBK

I try check desk first from MS-DOS windows 8.1 but result was "chkdsk corruption was found while examining the volume bitmap"

I try changing USB cabel and power without any progress

I try to Updating firmware without any progress

I try to replace the HDD to another WD My Book "WDBACW0040HBK-EESN"

BUT windows didn’t recognize it. then i restore it to his device but windows didn’t recognize and ask to initialize it to MBR or GPT and to format!!!

I format it but i try to recovering my data but read speed is 1MB/s i have very important data on it without any copy

Please help

If the hard drive has been formatted then it would be best to contact a specialized data recovery company. More information is available in the following link:


thanks to replay

but i want to know what happen to my HDD