Re-installing Smartware and associating w/prior backup

Hello, I have a windows PC and its hard drive is partitioned into two drives (C & D). D is where is store all my files and has been backed up using WD Smartware to my networked WD drive. C had Windows 10.

Yesterday I reformatted C and loaded Windows 7. I have WD smartware reloaded as well. I want to associate my prior backups on WD drive with my D drive (which still has all the files on it and should be current with what is on the WD Drive). I do not want to start over on the backup or upload from the WD drive. Is there a way I can tell smartware to associate the backup from before with the current D drive and then start continuously syncing again?


To my understanding, the software should identify the existing backup.

If you goes to the backup tab on the software, do you still have both partitions available on the left side?

Yes. When I got to the drive/partition on my computer on the left, the WD
My Cloud shows space and shows also a box for “other backups” which is the
size of what I backed up earlier. When I go to the Backup tab it is not
recognizing that it is the same backup, it wants to start syncing / enable
backup and create additional/new.