WD SmartWare - reinstalled operating system

I recently had to reformat my hard drive and re-install the operating system, Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. I’ve re-installed WD SmartWare 2.3.

I am an hobbyist photographer and 3D artist. I have 4 internal drives.One is for my operating system & programs and the other three are for data.

Prior to to the re-install I have been using WD Smartware to do backups of my photos and digital art using the file and folder category for backup.

I would like to retain this backup schedule and have future backups add the files and folders to my existing backups. However these existing backups are now show as other backups in WD Smartware.

Prior to reinsntalling Windows 7, I did backup to thumbdrive  my WD folders under AppData. There are three folders Western Digital, Western_Digital and Western_Digital_Technology. I have copied these folders from the thumb drive to the correct location.

I want to recreate the backups of my data but maintain what I already have in my backups…

Is this possible?

Thanks kindly


Unfortunately this is not possible. WD Smartware will not merge backups. If you already have a backup then what you can do is to retrieve the data to the computer and have the WD Smartwre backup everything again under a new backup plan.

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Ok…many thanks for the reply.  I find that a huge short coming… Does the WD Smartware Pro have this limitation?

 I would have assumed that is the purpose for a backup solution…  as the data being backed up is located on dedicated physical drives and is not on the same physical drive as my operating system (drive C:)

So wait a second…are you suggesting each time I re-install my operating system or upgrade my C drive I will lose the backup sets for my data drives will no longer be any good?

Sorry but that is not acceptable. The data on my D, E & G drive is still intact. As they are all on their own physical drives. I do not wish to do a full restore and over right data that is fine. I merely wish to continue to add by daily backups to the existing backup data sets.

It is completely insane and IMHO unacceptable to suggest I must do a full restore. Why? My data is intact and it would be a complete waste of time…

Sorry but your suggestion is not acceptable.

Now kindly ask my question. How can I maintain the existing backup set and retain it in my daily backups…

Does the WD Smartware Pro allow for the merging of backups? And if not WD Smartware is a complete waste of time and money…

And kindly DO NOT suggest I can delete the existing backsets and start a new backup plan as that too would be a complete waste of time. Again my backups are fine. The data on my D |, E & G drives is fine.  I merely wish to add any data that is new or modified to the existing backups…

Again…this is UNACCEPTABLE. Will this be fixed in future versions or does the WD Smartware Pro resolve this issue?


We don’t have any information on what is going to be implemented in future updates. I recommend that you  post this on the ideas section. 


I also asked IF this feature was available in the Pro version? Kindly answer…