If I reinstall Windows will I loose backup regimen?


I have a 3TB My Book (Model: WDBACW0030HBK-NESN) with the latest version WD SmartWare software backing specific folders on a drive SEPERATE from my Windows install.

I have a problem with my computer and I may need to reinstall Windows.

My question is, if I reinstall Windows and the WD SmartWare software, and set the software up exactly like it was before, will it continue backing up my files like nothing ever happened?  Or, will it attempt to recreate the (database?) and ignore my previous backups? 

Is there a way to backup my WDSmartWare settings?

If anyone knows for certain what will happen I would appreciate a reply.  Thanks!


If you reinstall Windows WD Smartwre will recognize everything as new and will start a new backup for each drive.