RAID Config Error Message

I have a WD Duo 8TB connected to my iMac with a USB cable. Everytime I wake the iMac I get a pop-up message “Error in RAID Configuration” telling me I have configuration issues, and that I should run WD Drive Utilities. I have done this multiple times, and each time all the tests (SMART status, scanning, and complete drive test) check out OK. Anything else to check or set-up?

Hello monocline,

Re-configuration of RAID setup would be required in this concern. You can check after configuring the RAID in your Duo drives.
After taking the backup, I would recommend you to erase the drives using WD Drive Utilities and reconfigure the RAID in these drives.

Hi monocline

Did you take asp73’s advice? If so, did it fix your problem?

I have this identical issue – WD Mybook Duo, 2x8TB configured raid1 total 8TB. Connected to Mac Pro 2013 with USB 3 cable.

Almost every time I wake the computer, I get the Error In Raid Config popup. All diagnostic tests pass fine (short & medium, havent done the full test in a little while but it passed before).

SOMEtimes files or folders are “missing”, but reappear after reboot.

This is only after a mac sleep. Run and work fine all day, all media, all my work, everything is reliable…

[[Grain of salt: This feels like an OS/software glitch, not an actual drive glitch.]]

Any similar anecdotes? Share? If it’s real, let it be visible…

After waking from sleep, sometimes my second Mybook Duo (daisy chained from first) appears multiple times. polytope_21a is connected to computer, polytope_21b is connected to '21a.

In the Finder, if I click the topmost '21b which has a “document” icon rather than a drive icon the finder hangs, and computer needs eventually to be rebooted.