RAID 1 (Mirror) Config Help on My Book Duo

I had to re-initialize My Book Duo which has 2 x 2TB drives.
Follows results from Disk Utility and Terminal diskutil command after re-configuring and reformatting my 2 disks in RAID 1 Mode HFS+.

Now I have a feeling that the configuration is incorrect.
Notice that it shows 4TB capacity while I thought that 2x2TB in mirror mode would have 2TB capacity.
Notice also the weird hierarchy of the disks/volumes in disk utility (Wd My Book Duo 0A!0 Media, Untitled, Untitled, Media)
Something appears wrong.
Any ideas ?
Shouldn’t there be 2 Devnode in output of diskutil appleRaid list ?


Try using the WD Drive Utilities for Windows

I am using Mac and do not have a Windows machine.