Quick review of the myCloud

I dont mean to knock this unit and the post below is not ment to be negative. The moderators here are good people and do try to help.  Im a moderator myself for autoforums.com 

Same issue for everyone here im sure.  From what im told the USB port on the back is in no way directly connected to the internal hard drive. There was a young Asian man who explained how the transfer works.   Its all controlled buy software.   I think there should be a software option in the dashboard to use 100%  CPU to do the backup and or a restore and for large transfers…  I dont care if you cant stream anything off the device while the files are copied.  

  the fastest way for me is to use FileZilla FTP and a LAN cable VIA my laptop/desktop right to the router and log into your device and Drag and drop right to the mycloud.   The backup feature works ok.  I don’t mind it slow. I don’t even care so much you get a big fat old ERROR message of some sort EVEN with a fresh formatted external drive.   I just use the FTP program.  This should not be though…  I jus bought a new 4tb mycloud yesterday and am transferring files off my external drive to the new unit.   Im going to sell the old one on Ebay as is.  Its stuck on an older firmware.   Something in the filesystem is corrupt and it cant be upgraded… I have been trying for days and days.  I wasted so much time trying to fix it.  I gave up.  Overall im happy with the Mcloud device but like others said here all the firmware updates DONT fix the issues most of us here have.  Its just bad … I think this is a great device with poor software.   It a good way to access pictures and music and that’s all.  The mobile app lacks the ability to download pics DIRECTLY from the app itself without having to open in another program on your phone to import a picture… really ?? unless I missed something.  

In the end im happy I have a new unit that might get new firmware that  fixes these issues but I would not hold my breath.   


I took the HDD out of the mycloud and connected it to a dual use caddy with another HDD in the other and copied files that way. Doing so I was transferring files at 100mb/s+. Hard wired over Ethernet though I could still manage almost 60mb/s using my Mac.