Question about WD Live Capability

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to buy 2 WD My Book Live 3TB drives. I currently have a 2TB WD drive in my PC that contains all my files separate from the OS. I want to have them all backed up to one of the two drives in my apartment, and have the second one set up at a different location ~100 miles away for redundancy.

Is it possible to have the external drive in my apartment do incremental backups of my PC drive and then have the drive at the second location do incremental backups of the first backup? (I would do a full backup with both drives in the same place first since there is a lot of data) Is it also possible to have this done automatically at a certain point during the day?

Thanks for the help, and I can provide more information if necessary. I’m excited to finally do a proper backup solution!

You can access the files from the local drive in a remote location and then manually copy them into the remote location my book. Don’t know if a backup program will recognize the remote my book live and allow you to do an automatic backup, but it could work.