Question about backups

Sorry if I don’t understand, but I’m n ot sure SafePoints are what I need.

What I have is a 2Tb drive connected to the WD Cloud via USB.

I need to be able to keep an automated backup of some of the shares and have it monitor changes and ensure that these are replicated to the USB drive.  Then, if I accidentally delete a file or the WD Cloud becomes corrupt I have effectively a mirror of these shares that I can still access.

I have had a 2Tb drive die on me recently taking everything with it.  fortunately I keep a mirror backup that I could restore from.

I know the Sagepoint will create a backup so that I can restore the entirety of the the WD Cloud to another WD Cloud drive if anything happens to the first drive.  But what i am looking for is something that does not require a WD Cloud to recover, can restore individual files if they become overwritten or corrupted.

I did set up a backup watcher on one machine, but this was making round trips across the network and the backups were painfully slow.

Can anyone help with a solution?

With Safepoint you can recover your files to the My Cloud (also my only trial using the restore function utterly fails) OR you can copy back the files from the safepoint storage to the NAS manually or to any other device that you can connect a USB disk to.

In the Safepoint storage folders, you have  a few files that capture the configuration of the NAS, and then a folder that contain a folder for each share of your NAS, with all the files copied “flat” (ie not compressed, or encrypted) there. If you want a particular file, you can navigate to the correct folder and copy the file back.

Note that the Safepoint is a mirror. If you delete a file on the NAS and the safepoint runs, it will delete the deleted file also.