Backup/safepoint of spesific folders

Does anyone know if there is a way to make a backup/safepoint of just a spesific directory, as oposed to the entire content of the MyCloud device? I really would like to back up most of my photos, but really don’t need back up for all of the stuff I have on my device…


Don’t use safepoint.   Safepoint is not a backup.   It is more a mirror.

If you delete a file from Drive A, safepoint to Drive B will delete it too.   So not as good as a real backup.

I suggest you use a backup program instead.

Good advice, thank you! Tried to use the WD Smarte Ware, but cannot select the Mycloud device as the source only as the target medium for the backup. Could always do it manually, but would prefer to have continuous back up of specific folders.

You could consider Windows computer based backup software. The USB connection at the back of the NAS is not super fast. If you have your NAS on wired gigabit Ethernet to your computer and you backup your NAS to another NAS or to a USB disk attached to the computer, you will have speed and flexibility. I am using SyncBack SE in that model, in addition to Safepoints, so that I keep versions of changes.

i want same thing, Safepoint only by selected folders.  On example -when i create backups from my windows -system to the mycloud, then i won’t this backup also on another device. My Suggestion is, please don’t let Safepoint-backups working on Backup folders. If this not possible,Safepoint is for the cat. -cannot using that. 

Safepoint is usefully tool, because it works within USB Devices. When i using backup software from windows to do this work, then this backups runing many more time then Safepoint backups -because runing over my Ethernet (i has not a gigabit/sec ,only 100 Mbyte/sec).