Probliem with WD My Cloud 4Tb + TimeMachine

Hi guys.

I have a WD My Cloud 4Tb to backup my document and OSX backup.

Well, I created one folder “TimeMachineBackup” and one user “timemachine” with full access to this folder obusly.

Two problems:

1.- With private user, Time Machine copy don´t start “0kbs or 234 bytes” but don´t move on…

2.- With public folder Time Machine start but very very very slowly copy

1,6Mb in 5 minutes…

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-19 a las 19.37.38.png

I checked speed LAN and It´s normaly more or less:

What´s problem is this?

Hello GoldFran, what transfer speed do you get when you transfer file manually? You can check the following link for some recommendations on how to improve your transfer rate. 

When transferring large files to or from a Personal Cloud drive, performance may be slower than expected

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No, that´s no solution…

My connection (all) is Gigalan:

  • Fortinet 40c (Firewall GigaEthernet)
  • WD My Cloud (NAS GigaEthernet)
  • iMac Late 2013 (PCIe GigaEthernet)

Yesterday, copy and paste 160Gb from VMWare and late 20min more or less iMac from WD… transfer rate is normally.

I think the problem is WD My Cloud on firmware version, readed other users in other forum and Time Machine protocol fail or very slowly…


As I read in other forums and documentation, the problem is Firmware or implicitc software so wait it…