Problem with port forwarding

When I manually configure port forwarding on my MyCloud and my router using external port 9091 and 9444 as follows (9091->80 and 9444->443) it works.

When I manually configure port forwarding on my MyCloud and my router using external port 80 and 443 as follows (80->80 and 443->443) the MyCloud reports “Port forwarding failed to connect on port 80 and port 443” and falls back to a relay connection .

I need to use port 80 and 443 for remote access because my work blocks non-standard outgoing ports.

Any idea why this is not working?

I am using the most recent firmware on the MyCloud. I believe this used to work with previous firmware.

What kind of remote access are you trying to achieve by using HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443? The Dashboard?

Supposedly, per I believe posts elsewhere in this sub forum, the My Cloud (web server) will prevent remote (non local network) access to the Dashboard.

You may want to read through the following thread where a workaround was provided to deal with a business that blocks certain ports. The workaround is for uploading and downloading content to the My Cloud using a “web portal” type interface for FTP.

Not the dashboard.

Just the standard configuration required to be able to remotely access my files via

It is possible your broadband provider/ISP may be blocking port 80 and possibly 443. One can try assigning different ports, like 8080 and 4443 respectively. The key is to use ports that are not used by other protocols like FTP (port 21).

I tried 8080 & 8443 and couldn’t get it to work, either. I gave up trying when I discovered that port forwarding mode loses connection if my router is given a new IP address, but relay mode survives…

Thanks so much Bennor. I turns out you are correct. I did a google search an discovered that my ISP (COX) does block inbound port 80. Luckily my work does not block outgoing port 8080 so I expect I will be able to use 8080->80 and 443->443.

Thanks again.