Remote Access - Port Forwarding Error

Goodmorning, I’ m newer in this world.

I had enabled the remote access on my cloud, but the connection status is not ready like , but I had an error like this: Error Port Forwarding on port 90 and 443…

On my router I had open this ports…

Where is the error?

Thank you.

Do you have a local firewall running?


@Morden2004 No, the firewall is disabled and the port forwad is configured like in this guide:

I’ m sorry but the guide is in italian.

Do you have any idea?

Portforwarding is done for the My Cloud IP-address?
Why 90? Have you changed the http-port of the my cloud? If so the privat port is still 80.

Sorry the port number is 80, excuse me.

Yes, the portforwarding is done for mycloud device.

For test I use the IP address and the device is not reachable…

Try to login via webbrowser or with one of the mobile WD apps.
Alternatively to the manual portforwarding you can activate UPnP-Sevice on your router.

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ok, in this mode work. I have one other problem. I had installed Transmission and with local access work properly. But now not work from external network. The web interface of transmission run on 9091 port.
Any suggestions?

Thank you