Problem with My Passport 1TB Essential (3.0)

Hello there,

Hope you can help me with these questions:

  1. How can I reformat a new WD My Passport 1TB External HDD that can work both in Windows and Mac OS?
  2. What is the best solution to retrieve all the software (pre-installed) in my  WD My Passport 1TB External HDD?
  3. What are the software/firmware I need to download?

My Passport 1TB’s current status is:

  • Reformatted in Mac OS using the WD SmartWare for Mac software.
  • I cannot access it using my Windows 7 OS laptop.

*When I purchased it two days ago, it is running fine with it’s pre-installed NTFS format. I reformat it on my Mac OS computer because it does not back-up or accept files from the Mac. Any help?

Thank you very much,


You shuold have left it formatted NTFS. Apple has a free app NTFS-3G that will allow you to write to NTFS formatt drive. check this post it’s explained in more detail there.