Problem with creating a folder for Music and Photos?

Hi all,

I purchased a live hub 2 weeks ago which is connected to my router and windows 7.  I downloaded Windows Discovery and i can create a movie folder and store movies but i cannot create a music folder in the music library, i can see it on my laptop but it doesnt show on the tv, this is the same for photos.  Has anyone any ideas?

Also has anyone any problems with downloaded movies that freeze for a second on the laptop but then when they play on the live hub they completely freeze and go off?



I take it you have created a folder for music etc as you can see it from your laptop.

Have you gone back to the ‘Home’ screen to select ‘Photos’ or ‘Music’ rather than ‘Video’.

Is there anything in the folders? There needs to be somthing in them for them to be shown.

Can’t really comment on the downloaded material. But I do know of people that have had problems with some of  that has been downloaded.


Thanks for your reply.

I have set up a music folder, i can see it on the laptop, then i go into music on the hub, i go to local storage and the music is there there but it all saves seperatly it doesnt go into the folder i have created.  But if i go into the Files menu on the hub they come up exactly how they should in the seperate folders.

Is there a way of setting up folders without using Western Discovery?

Are you FIILTERing by FOLDER?  (Press the GREEN button.)