Playing folders including subfolders + automatic media library

Hi folks,

Just got my WD Tv Live Hub, and have run into a couple of challenges. I’m new to this, so please bear with me.

First of all I copied a tv series and a movie to the hub’s internal drive, in separate folders. First I got the “no media files in the current folder” message(using local storage as source). Swiching of the automatic media library setting, fixed it and lets me see my folder structure.Any possibility that I can combine, having my folders for videos and a media library for music?

I reckon that for the media library to work, I cannot use my own folder structure, and just fill the hub with files “only”. Or?

It doesn’t seem like the hub is able to play folders including sub folders. Is this correct, or am I missing something? Even my 4 year old SanDisk Sansa mp3/radio/video player has a “play all” function.

Last, but not least, looks to me as the easiest way of creating playlists is using Winamp or another media player and compiling the list there, saving it to the hub. Any other easy way?

Thanks everyone!

Nope, the Hub doesn’t let you have separate access methods for different media. Either folder view for all or media library for all.

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